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Fully Automated Conversion of Native Starch


BVG - Super - ECC is a continuous enzymatic process for conversion of native starch. ECC means: E=Enzyme; C=Continuous; C=Conversion. With this system all native starches may be converted to an optimized final viscosity. Degradated starches are used on size presses, metered size presses, and in coating formulations. BVG - Super - ECC utilizes a unique venturi jet system for dissolving starch slurry and obtaining an optimized molecular weight distribution of degradated starch molecules.

The cathalytic hydrolysis of the native starch is controlled by an online-viscosimeter during the entire process. The plant runs automatically - without operator. A modem link provides for remote servicing and trouble shooting. Via mobile phone and notebook it is possible to get a link to the plant from any given place, worldwide.


Mobile Trial Unit


Suitable for native corn, wheat, potato and tapioka starch
Continuous system
Complete colloidal dissolved starch
Catalytic hydrolysation by enzymes
Optimized molecular weight distribution
Constant glue concentration
Thermal inactivation of enzymes
Dextrose content < 1.0%
Compact design
Pressure free converter
Safe operation
Quality construction
High performance
Fully automated
Easy handling
Advanced DCS - controller
Remote service via modem
More than 60 plants in operation worldwide
Performance: 3 - 100 tons starch/day
Use of native starch
Minimal costs for operating chemicals
























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